Training center "Boteon Education" invites children and adults to get a profession of the future! Our centers are represented by franchisee partners, branch- and representative offices in 6 cities of Ukraine, as well as training centers in Russia and Israel. Our curriculum is always corresponding to modern areas of IT and Hi-Tech industry, and the number of graduates during four years of work has exceeded a few thousand people. The demand for our graduates increases every day – we provide not only IT-education, we form an engineering way of thinking with a deep understanding of the physical and logical processes of modern electronic and computer equipment.


We offer a qualitative product and a wide range of 4 educational levels, united by a consistent ideology Learn Build Apply. Being based on basic sciences – physics, mechanics, electronics and programming, mathematics – we boldly implant in a course such contemporary applied branches as Big Data, Internet of Things, Service Robotics, cryptography and encryption systems, wireless data transmission etc.

Our offer is characterized by low cost and flexible cooperation policy. This allows our franchisees to pay off in less than 5 months.Yet low competition in this field will allow you to collect groups easily and to get started in 1 month.

We provide market only with exclusive product based on its own developments and techniques. Analyzing the experience of implementing programs in Israel, Ukraine and Russia, we complete the curriculum and methodology with interesting technical innovations that allow students to stay always at the peak of the technologies used in the world.


The program is aimed to develop children's logical thinking, skills in programming and design. Teaching students basic courses in computer science, circuit design and operation of information contributes to the formation of engineering thinking, the obtaining skills for the most in-demand and well-paid jobs such as programmer, automation and robotics systems developer, design engineer etc. Of course, the demand in specialists in the field of robotics increases every year, and the robotics market is one of the fastest growing. Training course "Boteon Education" is created to teach children from 8 years. It consists of four training packages corresponding to the four levels of complexity, and continuing each other.

Each level is a separate course of study. The educational process includes passing the test after each lesson, summarizing and error analysis session every 4 classes, control test each quarter – 8 lessons, and each term – 16 lessons and a final test at the end of the academic year.

You can successfully alternate these courses with each other and work with groups of children from 7 to 16 years. There are adaptive courses from the 1st to 3rd level for students and graduates.

0 level. Interesting physics and robotics

The course is designed for children aged 8 years and includes the basic concepts of the main units of physics. In this course, the structure of the lesson includes theory, practice to create the physical system and visualization-experiment implemented on the basis of a collected model. Engineer sets «Boteon Education PhysTech Junior» and «Boteon Education PhysTech Profi» allow you to implement simple but illustrative physical experiments. There is a multimeter of physical quantities in the set collected on the platform Arduino. Thus, this course allows primary schoolers to learn and see fundamental physical processes with which they face every day in real life, and with which they will face designing and assembling robots. The course allows learning the platform Arduino and later moving on to the robotics course based on Arduino – "Fundamentals of Robotics and automation Arduino L2. Smart House"

1st level. Fundamentals of Robotics and Automation Arduino L2

This course is designed for children from 10 years. During the course students learn programming in graphical language Scratch, text C ++, the basic hardware components of modern robotics – devices for collecting and processing data, output devices, execution units, devices for wireless data transmission. The student has the opportunity to rig up the circuit on a dumb table or using the model of robot MC-1, collect miniature robots to perform simple functions at home (clock, alarm clock, thermometer, etc.). This course reveals the concepts – "Automatic system", "Smart house", "Service Robotics", "Internet of Sings," "Big Data" (processing, analysis and visualization of data). The course is divided into two terms and it can be combined during academic year either with the other term of a simpler level or with the term from the course of the next level – "Fundamentals of Robotics and Automation Arduino L3. Mobile platform"

2nd level. Fundamentals of Robotics and Automation Arduino L3

The course is designed for children from 12 years. Training is conducted on crawler-mounted constructor with a set of sensors to communicate with the outside world. Basic complete equipment allows you to control robot with a PC or mobile device. Robot can also move on its own, avoiding obstacles, collecting information. Programming this model student masters the basics of mobile robotics, the dynamics of moving robots, methods of spatial orientation, building a ground map, group interaction of mobile robots, wireless data transmission, adaptive motion. Students fully learn the use of electric motors and encoder feedback.

3rd level. 3D modeling and printing. 3D printing in every house

This course allows students to learn quickly the basics of 3D modeling in a fully functional online editor, to learn how to collect the printer and set it up, to print the first 3D models. A special feature of the course is the ability to collect and test your own 3D laser scanner. After passing this course the student will be able to design and print parts and assemblies on his own, will learn to collect and tune the printer, will be able to continue studying 3D modeling and printing independently.


курсы робототехники Boteon

Alex Reznichenko

The founder of Robotics Center "Boteon." Cheerful and sociable person, who is able to bring people together around idea and common goal. During years the company exists, he has gathered a group of professionals, constantly monitors the advanced training of the staff and improving service quality.

курсы робототехники Boteon

Diana Strelets

The leading teacher and head of the training center "Boteon Education". Has many years of experience in teaching programming and robotics. Participates in international educational projects, implements best teaching practices in a course Boteon Education. Won many times in international competitions of scientific and technical creativity of youth.

курсы робототехники Boteon

Anatoly Beliy

Administrator of the training center "Boteon Education" – charming boy with the sense of humor. Develops professionally in the company "Boteon". Polite and friendly, will always help you, will give you a piece of advice by telephone or at our office. Knows how to get on the right side of parents.

курсы робототехники Boteon

Yuriy Karelin

Leading specialist in the direction of "3D modeling and printing". Shows a high level of preparation. Seeks to interest and inspire children, actively using innovative methods and forms of teaching that affects the level of students' knowledge.

курсы робототехники Boteon

Vyacheslav Miagkov

Hale and hearty person, almost superhero for his age, has been successful in many things, and does not stop there. He likes to combine intellectual work on the post of the head of the subject commission of technical disciplines in KRTT, and work by hands in Kharkiv machine building plant FED as a mechanician. Teaches the basics of robotics in the center "Boteon Education". "Having reached the target take a rest and gain momentum again forward to new heights" is his motto.

курсы робототехники Boteon

Valentin Zaporozhskiy

A specialist in the field of robotics and sophisticated computer systems, is fond of research in the field of neural networks in standalone manned robots. Shares the knowledge, he acquired, at the training center "Boteon Education". Likes children, is able to explain even the most complex processes and get the child interested, likes his job very much.



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0 level. Interesting physics and robotics

1 level. Fundamentals of of robotics and Automation Arduino L2

2 level. Fundamentals of of robotics and Automation Arduino L3

3 level. 3D modeling and printing

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Own training centers:

Israel, Haifa

Abba Hillel Silver Street, 71, Hall: Hall "Beit Aba Hushi";

Ukraine, Kharkov

metro station “Architectora Beketova”, Krasina Street, 4, room 7;
metro station “Naukova”, Lenina Avenue, 14, room 157;
metro station “Botanichnuy Sad”, Tobolskaya Street, 46, JCC "Beytdan" room 5;
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Ukraine, Kiev

metro station “Shulyavska”, BC "Incom" Smolenskaya Street, 31-33, building 3, room. 5;
tel: +38 (093) 203 32 84


Ukraine, Odessa

Odessa Robotics School "Boteon Education"
Shevchenko Avenue, 12/2
tel: +38 (063) 073 30 86 Maria

Ukraine, Kiev

metro station “Goloseevo”, Stelmakh Street, 9, school №36;
tel: +38 (067) 466 27 42 Igor Kimovich

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